Mars Brush 2


MARS BRUSH 2 is a complete user friendly cementitious waterproofing system, consisting of two component factory blended package in a strict quality control environment, to ensure optimum results after use. The two components are mortar based on cements, fine-grain aggregates with special additives and synthetic polymers in water dispersion. After curing it forms a flexible layer impermeable to CO2 SO2 chloride and sulphates.


  • Used for interior and exterior waterproofing of cement supports and masonry against humidity and cellar waters, against stagnant waters etc.

  • It can be used above or below grade, to waterproof cisterns, tunnels, reservoirs, basements, retaining walls.

  • Waterproofing positive pressure like swimming pools purification plants plinths, dams etc.

  • Waterproofing negative pressure like galleries, humid rooms, elevator shafts etc.

Technical Specifications

Appearance Fine grey or (white) Powder
Colors Grey, Offwhite
Form Slurry
Density 1.4Kg/liter (for Powder) and 1.05 Kg/liter (for liquid)
Compressive Strength 50N/mm2 (after 28 days)
Flexural Strength 13N/mm2 (after 28 days)
Tensile Strength > 8 Mpa at 28 days
Water vapor Transmission 3.7 perms
VOC Content < 50gm/Litre
Working Time 45 Minutes (at 250C)
Water Absorption 3.6% Water(boiling) submersion at 24 hours
Adhesion to concrete 2.7N/mm2
Application Method Trowel/Brush/Spray (after mixing)
Storage Keep Materials out of sunlight and in dry conditions
Shelf Life 3.6% Water(boiling) submersion at 24 hours
Packing Powder - 15 Kg (dry Compounds) Liquid - 5 Kg


  • Minimum surface preparation needed and low labour costs.

  • Waterproof - suitable for water retaining structures

  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions and water

  • Allow water vapour to escape from the structure

  • High resistance to the effects of long term weathering, durable in all climatic conditions including UV attack.


  • DO NOT use MARS BRUSH 2 for thick layer (more than 2mm per coat).

  • DO NOT apply MARS BRUSH 2 when the ambient temperture is lower than 50C.

  • DO NOT add cement, aggregates or water to MARS BRUSH 2


1.25-1.35 KG/M2 per coat of 1 mm thickness



To ensure good adhesion, special care must be taken when preparing the substrate. The surface to be treated must be perfectly clean and solid. This can be achieved by scrabbling, sandblasting or washing with high pressure horses.

  • Cement or concrete surfaces must be cleaned of all dust, laitance, traces of form release oil, mould, loos section and rust.

  • Re-form or repair any heavily degraded areas using concrete repair materials.

  • Thoroughly soak the substrate with water, removing any excess with compressed air or rags so that the substrate is saturated but the surface is dry.


  • Pour component B (liquid) into a suitable clean container, then slowly add component A (powder) while stirring with a mechanical mixer.

  • Carefully mix the MARS BRUSH 2 for a few minutes, making sure to mix in any imperfectly dispersed powder from the walls and bottom of the container.

  • Mix until the product is perfectly smooth and homogeneous using a low-speed mechanical stirrer in order to avoid any excessive incorporation of air.

  • Do not prepare the mix by hand.


Using a trowel or brush spread the mortar onto the substrate in maximum layers of 2mm per coat.

  • Apply a second layer when the first has hardned (about 6-8 hours).

  • In areas with hairline cracks or subject to heavy stresses, it is advisable to insert a square - mesh (e.g. 4x4mm) fiber glass or synthetic fiber net into the MARS BRUSH 2.

  • MARS BRUSH 2 must be applied within 45 minutes of mixing at +250C.

  • The surface may be smooth off with the same trowel a few minutes after application. Precautions to be taken during and after the application of MARS BRUSH 2

  • No special precautions need to be taken when the temperature is around +250C.

  • In hot weather it is advisable to keep the material out of the sun before use (powder and liquid).

  • After application, in particularly dry, warm or windy weather, it is advisable to protect the surface from rapid water evaporation.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes, provide adequate ventilation in working place to avoid inhlation of dust.


Due to the high adhesive strength of MARS BRUSH 2 even on metals, it is advisable to wash tools with water before the product sets. After setting, cleaning can only be achieved by mechanical means.

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