Mars Coat 250/150

MARS COAT is a single pack highly elastic liquid waterproofing styrene acrylic emulsion designed for liquid roofing coating. It is an excellent waterproofing material which does not age or harden, having good thermal tolerance and UV resistance.


Appearance Paste
Colours White, Grey, Red Blue
Specific Weight 1.25 Kg/Ltr
Solid Content 70%
Superficial film hardening after 1 hour
Complete Drying after 2 days (2 mm thickness) depending on weather and site condition.
Water vapor permeability 5.8 g/m2 for 24 hours emersion
Extension of break-up 450%


  • Completely waterproof

  • Excellent elastic regain

  • Flexible at low temperatures

  • Superb adhesion to all sound roofing surfaces

  • Outstanding exterior durability Solar reflex index not less than 78, UV light, infra-red and ozone resistance

  • High resistance to dirt pickup hence long term reflectivity and lower air-conditioning costs

  • Low toxicity and odor

  • Low moisture-vapor transmission

  • Excellent film integrity

  • Easy application

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Pedestrian properties of the roofing membrane


  • Waterproofing of roofs, plaza and car park decks.

  • lt can be used as protective UV resistance sleeve coat for costly resin or other vulnerable when exposed waterproofing system.

  • Protective membrane for PU installation.

  • For repair of old or existing damaged waterproofing system


  • Apply one coat of diluted MARS COAT (1:1 with Water) by roller, brush or spray gun.

  • When applying on a defective bitumen layer use 100 gr./ m2

  • For concrete surfaces use on more than 200 gr. per m2

  • Wait at least three hours


Ensure that the surface to be treated is free from any loose particles, dust, oil, dirt, extra cement blocks and especially sand. Clean a second time, using a soft broom or a vaccum cleaner, to make sure that the surfaces are absolutely dust free.

NOTE : Fiber Coating

It is advised for a heavy duty and long lasting application to lay fiber on the surface to be treated. This fiber can be applied on the pre-existing craks only.


  • Apply one coat of MARS COAT without addition of any water to it, on the entire area

  • Incase of using fiber layer, Apply MARS COAT in one direction to avoid bubbling of the fiber

  • Wait 24 hours for the first coat to dry. then apply the second coat of MARS COAT


1.25 Kg / m2 millimeter of thickness.


Tools used for MARS COAT should be cleaned with water directly after use.


One year in dry and cool place in its orginal packing.


It is recommended to use rubber gloves during working with MARS COAT . In case of contact with eyes flush with plenty of water.


Available in 20 Kg pails

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